In business since 1989, we have helped thousands of Coloradoans rediscover their love for the spas and hot tubs. We do this by taking the guesswork out of maintain their spas and hot tubs, so that the water is pristine each and everytime they use it, using a chemical that is completely safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Keep reading to discover the impact we’ve had on so many customers.

“When we first moved to Colorado, we were so excited to get an outdoor hot tub to use on our deck in Highlands Ranch. We depended on the hot tub company to set it up. But soon after, we were overwhelmed with all the Ph testing, ‘shocking’ the water and adding Bromine. When we couldn’t get it right, the water smelled and left us feeling gross after using the tub. That’s when we reach out to the pros at Aqua Pro Technologies. What a relief! Their system is hands free, no muss, no fuss. My husband and I highly recommend the team at Aqua Pro. They are always honest and completely affordable,” says Angie M. in Highlands Ranch.

“Just a quick note, to let you know your HydraZone system is THE best! I actually got pretty good using the bromine system. But then Gary and his team at Aqua Pro came out to take care of a leak, which I couldn’t figure out was coming from. They quickly fixed the leak and then they showed the benefits of HydraZone. I was slightly skeptical, but once we started using it, holy cow! So much better! So easy! It made our skin feel great. That’s why we’ve stuck with their system for the last 20 years. Wouldn’t consider any other system,” says Richard Baker in Castle Rock.

“Hey Gary and the great peeps at Aqua Pro! We love our new HydraZone system! It’s the best!” Sheryl F. in Parker.

“Dear Aqua Pro Technologies: Just a heads up, once you installed your system on both of our spas, the neighbors on either side of us want their own systems installed. Give me a shout and I will give you their contact info,” says Bill McGowan in Centennial.

“When I bought a home in Centennial that came with a hot tub, I had never owned one before and really didn’t know what kind of maintenance hogs they can be. But I heard about Aqua Pro through the Next Door app. Once they installed their system that uses hydrogen peroxide to clean the water, my husband I fell in love with our hot tub! We have been using nearly every evening to reconnect during this stressful pandemic. Not kidding, this tub helped us destress during the last year and a half,” says Shelly W. in Castle Rock.

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