HydraZone is the only hands-free, all natural spa and pool cleaning system on the market.

HydraZone is the only hands-free, all natural spa and hot tub purification system on the market.

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What is HydraZone?

HydraZone is a revolutionary new product for your spa and hot tub. When combined with an ultraviolet light or ozone, HydraZone will take care of all your spa and hot tub purification needs.  It’s all natural and makes keeping your spa or hot tub clean super easy. Aqua Pro Technologies is the exclusive distributor of HydraZone in Colorado.

HydraZone is a revolutionary new product for your spa and hot tub. When combined with an ultraviolet light or ozone, HydraZone will take care of all your spa and hot tub purification needs. You will never need those other complicated chemicals again! HydraZone is made out of natural products and contains no harsh chemicals. It’s an all natural product that sterilizes the water and keeps your spa sparkling clean. You can use HydraZone with no worries about damaging your spa or its equipment. It’s safe, gentle and completely all natural.
Manually you add HydraZone once or twice a week, depending on hot tub usage.

HydraZone vs. chemicals:

  • HydraZone promotes longer hot tub life because it is less corrosive to heater and pump seals, o-rings, spinner jets, the hardcover and pillows.
  • It will not discolor plastic, won’t turn blonde hair green and won’t fade and weaken swim wear!
  • Without HydraZone spas require test strips, chlorine, PH up, PH down, alkalinity up, anti-foam agents, calcium boosters and much more.
  • With HydraZone – you need only ozone or ultraviolet light! That’s it. Nothing else. Just add a few ounces a week and clean your filter monthly.

No more messing with chemicals! It is not too good to be true – the HydraZone System is here now!

Hydra Zone Operating Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of HydraZone! HydraZone, when combined with an ultra violet or
ozone system is designed and engineered to be a stand alone chemical to take care of your entire spa chemical needs. Once you use HydraZone in your spa you will never want to go back to harmful chemicals, such as chlorine. HydraZone is an industrial strength (35%) Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) based product. It is made out of natural products and contains no poison; it works by sterilizing the water thus preventing anything from growing.
HydraZone will extend the life of your spa equipment including, but not limited
to, heaters, jets, seals, gaskets and hard covers.
To get the most from your HydraZone product please read this Operating Guide thoroughly


HydraZone comes with a complete 30-day money back guarantee.

Safety Concerns

HydraZone is by far the safest and easiest chemical you can use in your spa. However, it is a strong
oxidizing chemical and care must be used when using the product. If you spill HydraZone on you, in a few seconds your skin will start to sting and turn white where contact was made. The “treatment” is to quickly wash the area off with water. Your skin will continue to sting for a few minutes and will turn light yellow or white where there was contact. Within 30 to 60 minutes, skin color will return to normal.
Like all liquid chemicals, concentrated hydrogen peroxide can damage eyes. Unlike other chemicals that are not water based, flushing the eyes with water not only is the treatment, but water also dilutes hydrogen peroxide to a safe concentration level.

HydraZone will not burn or explode. If spilled on the ground where plants grow, spray it with water to reduce the concentration and it will benefit the plants and grass. Gardeners and farmers use hydrogen peroxide for house plants, gardens and commercial farming to oxygenate the soil and kill harmful microorganisms.

The only safety issue of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is to avoid splashing it on yourself or in your eyes, and to store it away from children or incompetent adults. Carry it in your trunk if moving it.Keep the HydraZone container in a secure place. Keep away from open flames. Keep out of reach of children. Never use HydraZone for any personal or medical reasons. Always read and follow all use and care directions, safety statements and warnings on the product label before attempting product use.

Once Added to Spa Hydrazone is 100% Safe

Once HydraZone is diluted in your spa, there are exactly ZERO safety issues. When diluted, all danger  vanishes. HydraZone contains no poisons or toxins or any harmful substance. It is water and oxygen. Using HydraZone as the water treatment in your spa will not harm you. Once in the spa, it is 100% safe,
completely non harmful and only beneficial to your health.

Understanding Ozone & Ultraviolent Light

HydraZone used in conjunction with Ultraviolet or Ozone provides the most powerful health conscious water disinfection available for your spa. Ozonators and Ultraviolet (UV) are very strong oxidizers, and instantly destroy any bacterial or organics it comes in contact with. Both systems are excellent devices for helping to maintain good spa water quality and purity, but they are not standalone sanitizer systems. Ozone or UV work in conjunction with the HydraZone sanitizer system to improve and purify the spa water by oxidizing organics. Organics are what normally cause orders, foam and cloudy water. By oxidizing these organics, foul water problems are eliminated; leaving crystal clean and beautiful water.
Results – clean, odor free, bacteria free water – consistently!

Spa Usage & Costs

The cost difference makes HydraZone highly attractive if all actual costs are figured. While HydraZone can cost more than other spa chemicals initially, if you add the numerous support chemicals, testing, and frequency of draining the spa to total comparison makes HydraZone less costly. HydraZone will eliminate the bad smells that come from untreated spa water, but also have none of the chemical smell of spa treatment chemicals. HydraZone will make you fall in love with your spa again and you’ll never go back to chlorine, bromine or other spa chemicals.

HydraZone also helps you save water by reducing the need for frequent water changes and lowers costs by reducing the chemical, electricity for heating and maintenance. Plus, when you do decide to empty your hot tub or spa and refill it, your lawn and garden will positively thrive with that recycled water.

Getting Started With Hydrazone Cleaning System for DIYers

Drain Your Spa: Completely drain all of the water out of your spa. After all of the water has been removed, flush the jets with your garden hose at half speed for two to three minutes per jet. After you have completed flushing out the jets, remove all the water and sanitize the spa by wiping with a clean cloth with water and a bleach solution. The bleach solution consists of ten parts water and one part bleach.

Installing the Filter: Clean Filters are imperative with this product. If your filter is dirty you will use more HydraZone than necessary. Clean your filters every three weeks to start, you may go longer, but do not exceed eight weeks between filter cleanings.

Install a Clean Dry Filter: We recommend a new filter, however you can clean your old filter with HydraClean filter cleaner and high pressure filter cleaning nozzle. The spa filter catches the dirt and oils that make your spa water cloudy or smell. Since HydraZone is always cleaning and disinfecting your spa water, your filters will need to be cleaned more often.
The HydraClean Filter Cleaner is mandatory to use with the HydraZone product. This filter cleaner is the only cleaner that is guaranteed not to contaminate your water. Soak your filters in HydraClean Filter Cleaner every other time you clean them, the other times you can clean your filters with high pressure water and the filter nozzle. Take your time when cleaning your filters. The most common reason for cloudy water is a dirty filter, so it is very important to have clean filters in your spa. After the filters are thoroughly cleaned with HydraClean Filter Cleaner they are ready to install. Fill your spa with water. After you have completely cleaned and disinfected your spa and installed a clean filter, fill your spa with water to its proper operating level.

Adding HydraZone to Your Spa: HydraZone is added to your spa twice a week. In order to determine the correct amount of HydraZone your spa requires, you will need to know the approximate capacity of the spa and use a ratio of 1 ounce of HydraZone to 100 gallons of water and round up to the next full ounce.
For example, a 350 gallon spa will use 4 ounces of HydraZone per day, or 14 ounces twice a week. Formula: 350 gallons x 1 ounce = 3.5. Rounded up = 4 ounces. 4 ounces per day x 7 days = 28 ounces per week, divided by twice a week equals 14 ounces. In it recommended that you add HydraZone every 3-4 days (i.e. Sundays and Wednesdays).

Adding the Initial Dosage of HydraZone. When using fresh water you will need to build up a reserve of HydraZone. To do this, simply add ½ more than your normal three-day supply. In the case above, you would add 21 ounces of HydraZone to the fresh water, to build that reserve. (Formula: 14 ounces +1/2 of 14=7. 14 ounces + 7 ounces = 21 ounces). NEVER use any other chemicals in your hot tub except HydraZone or the shocking solution. Always keep a constant water temperature if possible.

Soaking & Cleaning Filters

At least every 3 to 4 months, and with EVERY water change, your cartridge should first be pre-rinsed with the garden hose then soaked overnight or a minimum of four hours with your HydraClean solution according to packaged directions.

1. You will need a 10 gallon plastic container tall enough to have 1” to 2” of cleaner above the top of the filter. Plastic garbage cans work well. Keep one available to use only for your filter cleanings.
2. Fill garbage container with 5 gallons of hot water.
3. Add 8 ounces of HydraClean
4. Insert your dirty filters
5. Add 8 ounces of HydraZone
6. Soak overnight or a minimum of 4 hours
7. Rinse the filters using the filter nozzle included with the HydraClean with maximum water pressure.
8. Make 2 complete revolutions around the filter and turn the filter over and make two more complete revolutions ensuring that the deep part of the pleats on the filter is clean.
9. Allow filter to dry before inserting into spa.

Rotate Your Spa Filters

Use the filter rotation method– while cleaning your dirty filter; swap it with a clean dry spare. With this system you’ll never have to wait to use your spa, and your filters will last longer. Allowing filters to dry completely after cleaning will help destroy any resident microorganisms.

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